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About "Fetch!"

Tired of using dozens of registrar platforms for your backorder domains? Multiple logins and different control panels can waste your time and cause delays that cost you money and customers. NamePal’s new Fetch! is here to solve your problems, our proprietary Backorder Platform will consolidate and make managing your backorders faster and convenient. Capture domains across multiple popular catch services, manage your remote domains and participate in auctions across the web, all in one location. Fetch! is coming soon!

99% Catch Rate
Fetch! has a 99% catch rate across its network. We accomplish this by working with over 10 major drop catch platforms, never lose a catch again to unknown platforms!
Competitive Pricing
Fetch! offers competitive pricing near or below the rates offered directly by direct registrar catch platforms, we connect you to a large network of backorder platforms.
Remote Domain Management
With Fetch! you’ll save time and money managing your domains. All backorders captured on our network have fully functioning whois, DNS and privacy, all from one location.
Instant Notifications
Get instant notifications about your backordered domains with Fetch! We contact you immediately to let you know the status of your capture or bid updates on your auction.
2-Step Authentication
We take the security of your domains serious, Fetch! has 2-step authentication enabled to protect your account from outside threats and secure your valuable domains.
All-Star Support Team
Fetch! is backed by an all-star support team of industry veterans with experience in domain registration, backorders and security services. Call or email us for any questions!

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NamePal is a leading provider of domain registration, security and websites, with over 10 years of experience we bring you the best possible tools and services to empower you for online success.
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We make it easy for you to register, manage and secure your domain names. We'll protect you from online threats and support your online endeavors.
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NamePal offers a 100% money back guarantee on any of our hosting and email services, within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked.
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Give us a call or email us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We're always ready to assist you with any problems and guide the way.
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